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Tube Installation Tools
Serrating / Grooving Tool - 'ST' Series

Features :
  • High production tool.
  • Ideal for use where 1 tool is needed per bore.
  • One piece cryogenically treated tool bit ensures maximum life.
  • Tool is ideally suited for CNC applications on account of 1 piece mandrel construction and short design.
Sizes Available :  
3/8 " O.D. TO 2 1/2 " O.D.
 Models Available :  
ST-375-970 TO ST-2500-6350
   Serrating / Grooving Tool - 'SGT' Series

Features :
  • Only light pressure required to cut precision grooves inside holes or cylinders.
  • Location and depth of groove easy to adjust.
  • Simple to change cutter for different groove shapes.
  • Changing of bushing and cutter allows one tool to cover a range of hole diameters.
  • The life of the cutter extendable by re-sharpening.
 Sizes Available  :    3/8 " O.D. TO 3 " O.D.
 Models Available  :    SGT-102 TO SGT-504
Tube End Facer - 'TEF' Series

Features :
  • Tool bits coated with Titanium Nitride to give 3 times the life of convertional tool bits.
  • Ideal for quick facing of projecting tube ends in heat exchangers, condensers and boilers.
  • One size of tool is suitable for use on multiple tube thicknesses by interchanging pilot. (TEF-375 is the exception with the tool suitable for one tube ID only).
  • Each tool is supplied with a set of multiple pilots to cover all tube thicknesses.
  • Tube end facers for MM sizes of tubes also available. Please enquire.
 Sizes Available     :     3/8 " O.D. TO 2 1/2 " O.D.
 Models Available  :  TEF-375 TO TEF-2500
   Tube End Facer - 'FC' Series / Weld Removal Tool

Features  :
  • Tool uses 3 cutting blades which can be configured for tube end facing or weld removal as a step in the removal of welded tubes from the tube sheet.
  • Tool fitted with MT shank for use with standard air or electric drills.
  • Cutting blades are Titanium Nitride coated to give 3 times the life of conventional cutting blades.
  • Tools available for MM sizes of tubes also. Please enquire.
  • Ideally suited for work on larger diameter boiler tubes.
 Sizes Available  :  1 1/2 " O.D. TO 4 " O.D.
 Models Available  :  FC-1500 TO Fc-4000
   Flaring Tool

 Sizes Available  :  1/2 " O.D. TO 1 1/2 " O.D.
 Models Available  :  FT-1 TO FT-17
   Beading Tool

 Sizes Available  :  1/2 " O.D. TO 1 " O.D.
 Models Available  :  BDT-1 TO BDT-15
   Tube Guide
Features :
  •    To ‘pilot’ the tubes through the tube sheets and baffle plates during tube insertion.
 Sizes Available  :  1/2 " O.D. TO 1 1/4 " O.D.
 Models Available  :  PGT-1 TO PGT-16
   Tube Leak Detector Kit

Features :
  • Simple, Quick and Reliable tube and joint testing. Test 7 to 8 tubes or 10 tube joints per minute.
  • Interchangeable seal sets : Allows testing of tubes from 7.75 mm to 30.63 mm ID with easy to replace accessories.
  • Each Tube Testing Gun weighs less than 1.3 kg and Joint Testing Gun weighs less than 1.5 kg.
  • Air supply : Uses standard plant air supplies from 70 psi to 100 psi (4.7 to 6.8 bar).
  • Silent during use . Ergonomic design makes testing effortless.
  • Each Kit packed in easy to carry case.
 Sizes Available  :  5/8 " TO 1 1/4 "
 Models Available  :  TLD-6500 5/8 SP TO TLD-6500 1.1/4
  Tube End Facing Machine

 Features :
  • Power and range combined in light and portable design.
  • Drive : Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • Range of Tube end facing, external or internal bevelling and weld seam machining tool bits.
  • Quick interchangeability of Pilot to suit range of inside diameters.
  • Modular and Ergonomic design.
 Locking Tube Range I.D. (m.m.)  :  28-82
 Weight (kg)  :  6.8
 Model  :  FM-3500



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